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Shapemakers have been producing high quality, durable HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) stencils to the line marking industry and other industries for the past 9 years.

Our standard stencils are produced in 3mm HDPE and have an outstanding life. We have customers using stencils that have been sprayed hundreds of times and the stencil still holds up strong.

The beauty behind HDPE is that paint does not like to stick to it very much, thus making it alot easier to clean than metal stencils. It is also more flexible than metal stencils and will not dent or fold if dropped.

Shapemakers is also able to produce stencils from magnetic sheet for customers who are spraying objects like industrial bins and drums. These are not as durable as the HDPE and can sometimes be fragile, however we take all care to try make the stencil robust as possible. A magnetic stencil can take away alot of the issues involved with wrapping stencils around a drum or holding a large stencil to an industrial bin.

We can also produce stencils from 1mm polypropylene, 0.3mm stencil film (small stencils only), 1.5mm HDPE, 5mm HDPE, 6mm HDPE, 0.55mm Galvanised sheet, 1.2mm galvanised sheet and 0.9mm stainless steel.

We can also produce stencils for domestic / light commercial use.

We specialise in producing custom stencils to suit the needs of our clients / their clients.

We also have a 3 day turnaround on machining our HDPE stencils.

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