Stair nosing

Shapemakers have included their range of products to include stair nosing.

Stairnosing is essential in buildings where public and employee access occursvia steps. It is also extremely important where dedicated stair cases are used for fire escape purposes. Building Codes for the construction of stairs and exits and Australian Standards for access and mobility now require all new buildings to include slip-resistant stair treads.

Our Aluminium range of stair nosing is available in three colours: Black, Grey and Safety Yellow and comes pre-drilled and countersunk.

The aluminium stairnosing is 80mm wide and 10mm deep. It is made from extruded aluminium and then anodised with a satin finish 12microns thick. It incorporates 36# Grit Silicon Carbide for extra durability and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

We also offer fibreglass stair nosing for use in heavy industrial areas.

The carborundum tape for the aluminium stair nosing is also available for purchase by the metre or by the 20m roll.

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