Laser Cutting

Shapemakers also offer a laser cutting service.

Laser cutting is perfect for jobs that require internal corners to be to a point rather than a radius of a router bit. This usually occurs in small lettering and intricate patterns.

Stainless steel cannot be router cut and must be laser cut.

Laser cutting produces a clean finish to the edge of the material and is a perfect option when acrylic letters require double sided tape on the back of them for installation. By laser cutting the acrylic with the double sided tape on the back, it can save you hours by not having to put tape on the back when finished. Unfortunately acrylic, engravers ply and laser ply are the only materials where double sided tape can be put on the back prior to laser cutting.

We can also laser cut acrylic with vinyl applied to the face of it. This saves signwriters from needing to put the vinyl on after and trimming around the letter which can be a very slow and tedious process.

Brass, copper and bronze cannot be laser cut but can be router cut and waterjet cut successfully.

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