Braille & tactile signs

Shapemakers are the proud manufacturers of the Pictobraille range of Braille & tactile signs.

Along with our standard range of Braille & tactile signs, Shapemakers also specialises in custom Braille & tactile signage including wayfinding signage and tactile maps.

Since section D3.6 of the Building Code of Australian (BCA) came into effect, those involved in the construction of commercial buildings have had to pay attention to the needs of the visually impaired.

There are many different types of visual impairment that need to be catered for, and providing a proper system of signage that utilises Braille is an excellent way of not only catering for these specific needs, but of complying with the BCA.

Pictobrailleâ„¢ is a sign system that is ensures that these needs and requirements are meet, as it combines all of the elements of communication necessary to be understood by a broad range of people.

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